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"If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions."

- Albert Einstein 

FTMP consulting specializes in providing digital marketing solutions to enterprises that are looking to grow, expand or capture a different market segment. We help companies excel in the digital space, making them more efficient, nimble, flexible and adaptable to the new challenges in this changing economy.


We also believe that one solution does not fit all, thus, we use a diverse toolkit of methodologies that allow us to approach each situation from a different angle. 


We deliver digital transformation through four practice areas:

  • Web Design

  • Mobile Site

  • App Developing

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Marketing Audit

  • Navigation Flow

  • Content Development

  • Valuations

  • Framework Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • User Experience (UX)

  • User Design (IU)

  • E-Commerce

  • Analytics

  • Pay per click (PPC)

  • Social media advertisement

  • Content sponsorship

  • Programmatic marketing

  • Remarketing

  • Videos

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Email Automation

  • Social Media Automation

  • Website chatbot 

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

  • Process Mapping

  • Process Improvement

  • Implementation

  • Performance Measurement

  • Compliance


FTMP consulting is a proud member of CMC-Canada


About CMC-Canada
CMC-Canada (the Canadian Association of Management Consultants) fosters excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession as a whole. CMC-Canada administers, and its provincial Institutes confer, the CMC designation in Canada. The Association and its members advocate for the CMC designation and are dedicated to advancing the profession and delivering the benefits of those efforts to the client community. CMC-Canada is a founding member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

Guarantee to clients
The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is a guarantee to clients that the consultant has the necessary experience and knowledge to deliver objective and independent interventions in the best interests of the client.

Commitment to best practices
Members who choose to pursue the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation have made a commitment to enhancing their skills to the highest level. The designation demonstrates a consultant’s commitment to best practices in management consulting.

To find out more information about the code of conduct, please click here.

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